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Overland Storage SnapOS v4 & Image File Links
kiwa 641 Day(s) ago.
ozmatt 1038 Day(s) ago.
Getting back into the water
ben333 1217 Day(s) ago.
ID This Waterblock.
jaydee 1700 Day(s) ago.
ProCooling Geek Bits
Happy 20 year on Procooling!
satanicoo 582 Day(s) ago.
Fluke 17B+ ... the multimeter I've always wanted b...
Noise 2007 Day(s) ago.
Ben's Win 98 box, redone! Build up
ben333 3662 Day(s) ago.
Project Black & Blue - Ben's new HTPC
ben333 3722 Day(s) ago.
Site News and Blogs
User Registrations kinda back open
Jag 1115 Day(s) ago.
New User Registrations are blocked
ben333 1238 Day(s) ago.
Where is Joe these days? JoeKelly.co
ben333 1528 Day(s) ago.
Stuff over the last few years, Blogs, etc...
rhkcommander 1912 Day(s) ago.
The Pro/Market
GTX 280 for US $308.11 !!!!!!
sam amaar 2385 Day(s) ago.
FS: Laptop hardware (CPUs, Memory, HDDs, Wifi, etc...
ben333 4524 Day(s) ago.
FS external watercooling units from jpiperformance...
Halo_Master 4562 Day(s) ago.
FS Snap Server 4200
abuthemagician 4687 Day(s) ago.
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- ProCooling Projects Close - Total Articles : 17
Aardils Multi PC H2O and A/C Cooling Desk 5
Jan 15 2006 : Aardil brings us a new ProCooling project with a complete Water cooling / Air Cooling / Air Conditioned piece of furniture that handles 4 machines, and holds 3 monitors and lots of other stuff!
Airspirits Watercooled Rackmount Part 3 5
Jun 4 2003 : Phase 3 and the conclusion of his rack mount cooling project!
Airspirits Watercooled Rackmount Part 2
Dec 18 2002 : Phase 2 of Airspirits popular project
Airspirits Watercooled Rackmount Part 1
Dec 6 2002 : Airspirit breaks down his project on watercooling a rack of gear - This article series has been so popular its been /. 'd
Black Ice - Silent Frost Update
Nov 3 2002 : Kevin updates his already nice Black Ice project with the cooling goodies he intended in the first article!
Oct 21 2002 : pH's first entry on ProCooling - and he does it in style with this impressive compact H2O LAN rig that just owns.
Black Ice
Nov 27 2001 : Kevin starts to build up his YY Cube Case into one bad H2O system
The Rock
Sep 27 2001 : Una's answer to DH3, Its big, its flashy, its even got a nifty paint scheme on it. Its the ROCK. Hes converted an old AT case into an ATX watercooled monster.
Micro Stealth
May 10 2001 : Unaclocker takes on mATX watercooling in a big way! - Making one of the smallest LAN'able H2O systems around.
Little Stealth 2
Mar 18 2001 : Unaclocker takes his Little Stealth and improves it with some new H2O goodness!
Pro/Mini Rev 2 - Lan Box Revisited
Feb 25 2001 : After using the Pro/Mini for a bit, some improvements needed to be made.
Pro/Mini - The Uber LAN Box
Feb 2 2001 : With spare parts from DH3, left over, Joe takes a Mini tower case and turns it into one of the best designed self contained cooling rigs to date. It also uses a few design elements that are a first for the industry.
Double Header 3 5
Dec 24 2000 : The biggest, and the baddest tripple loop watercooling system of its time. Joe puts this mammoth machine together in style! This was the FIRST PC cooling system to use UV Reflective dye!, and the first system to use quick disconnects, and many other firsts for the cooling industry!
Little Stealth
Dec 9 2000 : Unaclocker builds up a small mini tower H2O system from scratch!
Superclock'n Overcool'n
Nov 30 2000 : Kevin attacks his Duron with some water goodness
Athlon Super Cool
Jun 4 2000 : Unaclockers first venture into TEC/H2O on ProCooling
Double Header 2 5
Mar 1 2000 : ProCoolings first venture into high end cooling. Joe chills down some Celerons with TEC's and watercools them and doubles their speed!
- Air and Heat Pipes Close - Total Articles : 2
How to make a composite air duct 5
Jul 1 2003 : #rotor shows you how to take a nylon adn turn it into a air duct of your own design
Una's A7V VRMAir duct mod
Dec 29 2000 : Una cools off the VRM's on his mobo with style since the CPU no longer has a fan on it to cool them
- H2O and Evap Close - Total Articles : 18
Pump Comparison
Nov 16 2003 : pH compares some aspected of different pumps.
Maximizing flow rates in H2O setups
Jan 23 2003 : pH shows how to get the most out of your H2O system
The Chemicals OC'n and Super Cooling - Coolants 5
Sep 16 2002 : Brain shows us all he knows about Different coolants and how they behave in different systems, another key peice if info for those looking to get into H2O cooling!
Watercooling with Copper tubing part 1
Jun 1 2002 : Onda shows how to cool your system not with that wussy Silicone or Vinyl, but hard core Copper tubing!
Una's H2O buyers Guide
Apr 27 2002 : Unaclocker shows what you can buy for cheap to build up a watercooling system/air cooling. this is a follow up to his cheap H2O cooling article posted a while ago.
H2O Cooling a HD
Nov 5 2001 : Una attempts to watercool and silence his HD
Silicone Vs. Vinyl hose comparison
Oct 22 2001 : Unaclocker shows the differences between Silicone and Vinyl hoses.
Flushing your Cooling System
May 23 2001 : A little info on cleaning the gunk out of your cooling system.
Building a Completet Cooling System
May 6 2001 : OnDa shows just how simple it is to build a full cooling system from scratch.
How to fill a closed loop cooling system
Feb 11 2001 : Una shows how to fill a closed loop system and get all the air out of it.
Making a Copper Waterblock
Nov 26 2000 : OnDa shows you how to make your own copper waterblock. Some good tips for those of you with mills/drill presses.
How to mount a Raditor to your Rig
Nov 19 2000 : OnDaEdg breaks down how to get a raditor mounted to your rig in style
Using Socket A holes to Clamp down a waterblock.
Sep 16 2000 : Una shows how to use the Socket A holes around the socket to secure a waterblock to the chip.
Watercooling for Cheap
Aug 11 2000 : Una shows the cheap way to watercool your rig.
Magdrive Pump Tips
Mar 31 2000 : Some info on taking care of and repairing your Magdrive Pump.
Bleeding you cooling system
Mar 4 2000 : Joe goes over how to bleed, and clean your cooling system. With one of the first air traps to be used in PC Cooling.
Cooling the Chipset
Feb 14 2000 : Joes follow up to the Cooling the Chips article - this time with a small chipset cooler desiged and built for an upcoming project.
Cooling the Chips
Dec 24 1999 : The first article on ProCooling where Joe brings up the topic of cooling items besides the CPU
- High End Cooling Close - Total Articles : 8
Sterling Cycle Cooling - Wave of the future? 5
Dec 31 2002 : Airspirit explains this old yet re-discovered method of cooling/propulsion and explains how it could be used to cool your PC
Clamping down a TEC/Peltier
Jul 20 2001 : OnDa tells you what you need to know about putting enough pressure on that Pelt in your system so it works the best
Peltier/TEC Water chilling
Jul 20 2001 : Keving shows us how cold you can get a Pelt powered water chiller
The Chemicals of OC'n and Super Cool'n - Insulation
Mar 24 2001 : Joe breaks down what you need to know to keep your super cooled rig ice free and happy
TEC/Peltier Technology Explained 5
Feb 28 2001 : Rich breaks down the technology that makes TEC's work to super cool your rig
Mounting and Sealing a Waterblock/TEC
Feb 19 2001 : OnDa keeps on his series to build a full system step by step, this time he covers sealing the area around a waterblock and peltier(TEC) to keep condensation away.
OnDa's Ultimate Video Cooler
Jan 25 2001 : OnDa builds one bad ass video cooler that ends in a sad way.
Supercooling and Insulation
Jun 2 2000 : RichW's intro to ProCooling breaks down some high end cooling and insulation techniques
- Electronics Close - Total Articles : 8
Tips for replacing bad caps on your mobo 5
Mar 8 2006 : Joe explains some quick tips for replacing leaking caps on your motherboard.
External diode readings from Socket 939 CPUs
May 16 2005 : pH shows how to hot wire your Socket 939 CPU to get some accurate temp data off the core
Sharing the Load between PSU's in a system
May 1 2003 : Yo-Duh_87 breaks down how to share the load between 2 ATX PSU's in a system.
pH's guide to wiring up pumps in your H2O rig
May 3 2002 : pH shows how to wire up a 120V pump in your machine so that you are sure it comes on when your PC powers up
Quiet Fans - Fan/Power control methods
Oct 25 2001 : Brain explains different ways to control the speed, and with that, the noise level of your fans (and other devices like that)
Picking a PSU for an Athlon system
Oct 11 2001 : OnDa explains what qualities you should look for in a PSU for a high end Athlon based system.
Build your own CPU Overheat sensor/shutdown device
May 24 2001 : CK42's electronics wizardry comes to light as he shows you how to make something that will shut down your PC incase the CPU heats up too much!
How to link multiple AT PSU's into one BIG PSU.
Apr 1 2001 : OnDa shows us how to link up multiple normal AT power supplies into big high amp 12v, or even 24v power units
- Case Modding Close - Total Articles : 1
How to paint and then ploish your case to a mirror shine
Jul 24 2001 : Beav shows you how to make your case as pretty as your car (if you have a nice looking car).
- FAQ's, Editorials, Q&A's Close - Total Articles : 12
Water Cooling - Wheres the Magic? 5
Sep 5 2006 : Joes take on the state and dynamics of the watercooling industry
Testing PC cooling using die simulators vs. real CPUs 5
Dec 14 2005 : Summary of pros and cons of different cooler test methods
ProCooling Testing Methods 5
Jun 12 2004 : pHaestus Breaks Down the How and the Why when it comes to ProCooling testing and reviewing.
Useful Tips for Water Coolers
May 24 2003 : pH outlines some of the basic tips and tricks of the trade for dealing with H2O in your PC
ProCooling - 3 years later 5
Sep 9 2002 : Joes look back at the evolution ProCooling took from 1999 to the end of 2002
5 Myths about cooling
Aug 22 2002 : pH does some of his own brand of Myth Busting
Cooling Technologies Explained
Feb 16 2002 : The ProCooling Team has come together to put you in the know about the many types of cooling technologies in play for PC's today. This is a must read for those looking to get more info on what this whole cooling thing is about!
JHens Useful Acronym List (or JUAL for short)
May 11 2001 : JHens put together a solid list of acronyms for those who are just getting into all this computer mumbo jumbo
Talk'n Cool'n With Joe #4
Dec 10 2000 : What was supposed to be a weekly series answering cooling questions from those who are currious what the deal is.
Talk'n Cool'n With Joe #3
Oct 27 2000 : What was supposed to be a weekly series answering cooling questions from those who are currious what the deal is.
Talk'n Cool'n With Joe #2
Oct 12 2000 : What was supposed to be a weekly series answering cooling questions from those who are currious what the deal is.
Talk'n Cool'n With Joe #1
Oct 6 2000 : What was supposed to be a weekly series answering cooling questions from those who are currious what the deal is.
- Hardware Modding Close - Total Articles : 9
AMD Thermal diode Calibration/Testing 5
May 18 2003 : pH explains how to calibrate and test the thermal diode on the AMD Core
Reading from the Athlons on-die thermal diode
May 22 2002 : pH explains how to get the accurate temp data off the on-die thermal diode in the Athlon core.
Hack a Snap Server 5
Oct 16 2001 : Adding disk to a Snap server can be a Snap if you have the right software versions and hardware versions.
FiOv2 - The second gen iOpener mod
Sep 9 2001 : Joe takes his experience modding the Franken Opener, and makes a very clean, functional and fast iOpener mod
The Athlon Conspiracy
Sep 6 2001 : Unaclocker looks at how to change the multi on the first Socket A Athlons that shipped.
Kevins uper fast Kyro II graphics card mod
Jul 31 2001 : Kevin super cools down his vid card, and then hot wires it, and gets a nice boost in speed
Installing an Under-Core temp probe
May 30 2001 : Joe shows how with a little help from your friend Dremel, you can get a temp probe under your CPU to get more accurate temp readings
Fixing a Palm III Screen
Jan 9 2001 : Joe shows how to fix the ribbon cable incase it comes loose to the screen in your Palm III
The Franken-Opener - iOpener Mod
May 1 2000 : Joe takes an iOpener and hacks the crap out of it, to make it a 400Mhz windows 98 PC w/ a 4GB HD
- Home Theater PC Articles Close - Total Articles : 0
- IT Topics Close - Total Articles : 1
Virtualized Test Lab Basics with Hyper-V 5
Aug 31 2009 : Basics on setting up and designing a test lab based on Microsofts Hyper-V and Server 2008 R2
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