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Crystalfontz Crystalfontz CFA-635 LCD Review
Date Posted: Dec 17 2005
Author: Joe
Posting Type: Review
Category: Thermal Management Reviews
Page: 1 of 4
Article Rank:5 from 2 Readers
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Crystalfontz CFA-635 LCD Review By: Joe
So... here we find ourselves, with a new site, some new goodies, and hell I'm even writing a review! (note this is the first work I've written on the site in ~3 years... maybe more.) Well lets see if I remember how to do this - Here is the Crystalfontz CFA-635!

Intro into what this lil baddie is:

Crystalfontz and ProCooling are not strangers. We have reviewed their devices before seen here, and also some competing devices from Matrix Orbital seen here. In those reviews you can see that the CFA-633's thermal management features were a fairly new venture for Crytalfontz. One thing that was clear from pHaestus reviews was that the Crystalfontz devices were powerful, but not user friendly in the least.

Well time has been good to the company and their products, over time their CFA-633 devices have improved steadily with better software, better sensors, and just overall better fit and finish. They have carried all those improvements from the CFA-633 to the new products the CFA-631 and the CFA-635. I am here to talk specifically about the CFA-635... I mean hell its the big bad one of the lot .

So what is the Crystalfontz CFA-635?
The CF635 is a LCD device that you can use to display pretty much any data you can pipe to it, and is also a high end thermal management system. Here are some pics showing what the CFA-635 looks like in relation to the CFA-633:

As you can see above, one of the big selling points of the CFA-635 is of course the Atari sticker under it (circa UT2K4 ). Really the obvious difference between the CFA-633 and the CFA-635 is LCD size. The CFA-633 packs a 16x2 LCD display, while the CFA-635 has a 20x4, that’s a pretty healthy difference. Another notable thing I noticed is the fact that the LCD brightness and clarity is better from more angles on the CFA-635.

The observant among you may notice are the 4 LED spots on the side of the CFA-635. Those are 4 dual color (red/green) user programmable and software controllable LED's. They can be mixed to be Yellow, Orange, Green, or Red or any combination you want. Most of the high end control for them will need to be done with 3rd party programs (unless you are a programmer guru), but they are there, and present some cool opportunities.

Also seen are the 6 key pad off to the side of the LCD, this has been something that on my CFA-633's have gone pretty unused. To make use of these you need a custom script to make them do anything. With a special cable you can power your PC on and off with the keypad, and with some tweaking you can make it change displays with them.

Ok... so that about gets you up to speed with the basic look and external appearance of the CF635, now lets dive deeper and see what all this thing has to offer.
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