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Aardils Aardils Multi PC H2O and A/C Cooling Desk
Date Posted: Jan 15 2006
Author: Aardil
Posting Type: Article
Category: ProCooling Projects
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Aardils Multi PC H2O and A/C Cooling Desk By: Aardil
Intro, Who Is Aardil?, and whats this about his fancy Desk?
(Editor : We figured that before we just get into this, lets explain who the man is behind such a wild piece of water cooled and phase change piece furniture!)

A Little about Me - Aardil
I have been into water cooling since the AMD XP2000's came out. I have submitted a project to the forums in the past Titled My Monster. Doubt if the pics are still up, I changed IP providers since then and I am sure the pics are gone.

I also co-designed a PWM fan controller that Brians256 previewed. I still have a couple of them and last I heard he was still using the one I sent him. I live in the deep South ( Louisiana) but don't hold it against me. Some of my brain storms may be a bit on the far fetched side, but most are based on sound thoughts.

The Desk:
The reason for building this particular project is one of my brain storms. I had ( and still have) 4 PC's sitting under my desktop. Understandably it was quite warm under there ( not that bad of a thing in the winter) but the house A/C in the summer couldn't keep my room cool. The answer seemed simple, install a window unit. I did and it helped but with where the PC's were sitting, 2 of the PC's gained very little benefit and I was getting too cold as the cold air was being blown almost directly on me.

Being a jack of all trades and master of none, I decided that the best way to solve this problem was to duct the cold air away from me. Yup thats what I was thinking, or at least that is what I tell my wife. I got a good nights sleep and sometime during the night I had a brain fart, why not make it a closed loop? that would keep all 4 PC's cool and the house A/C could keep my room the same temp as the rest of the house. So why not just do the closed loop and forget about the water cooling? Because I Water cool for the quiet, I cant stand to hear them screaming fans ( remember the Volcano series? ) I know that the fan noise level has dropped with the new chip sets ( 939) but I am still hooked on water.

Well now that we have that out of the way, lets move onto showing what you all came here for:

The PC's that are going to be cooled with this system are:

  • Workhorse

  • A Bit KN8 Ultra Mother board
    AMD 3200 Winchester
    2Gb OZC DDR 3200 Ram
    Seagate Sata 80Gb X2 ( running raid +0
    Px6600GT PCIe Leadtek
    OCZ 600 watt PSU
    Soundblaster X-Fi Elite Elite Pro ( the one with the add on Box)
    Winfast PVR 2000 video capture/Tuner

  • Gamer II

  • A bit KW7
    AMD Barton 2500
    1Gb Crucial DDR 3200 Ram
    Seagate 120Gb Single hard drive (IDE)
    A6600Gt Video Leadtek
    Audigy2 Value sound card
    Enermax 475 PSU

  • TS Server

  • A bit KW7
    AMD 2000 XP
    1Gb Crucial DDR 3200 Ram
    Seagate 40Gb Single hard drive (IDE)
    Ti 4600 Ultra Video Leadtek
    Audigy2 Value sound card
    Enermax 475 PSU

  • New Gamer (in the process of being built)

  • A bit KN8 SLI
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ Toledo Dual Core
    2Gb OZC DDR 3200 Ram
    Seagate Sata 3.0 80Gb X2 ( running raid +0
    px7800Gtx PCIe Video Leadtek X2 (SLI)
    Audigy2 ZS sound card
    OCZ 600 watt PSU

On the next page, we show you that this is no normal desk... unless your desk has Radiators, many feet of hose, and some A/C style cooling going on for 4 PC's.
Next Page: Building The Desk >>
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