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ProCooling Technical Discussions
Snap Sanbloc S50 SAS HBA
Ken West 32 Day(s) ago.
What happened to the Jet design? (Cathar, where ar...
RedRaider 200 Day(s) ago.
Snap Server 520 not releasing disk space
Ken West 249 Day(s) ago.
Overland Storage SnapOS v4 & Image File Links
ludude75 685 Day(s) ago.
ProCooling Geek Bits
Ben's Win 98 box, redone! Build up
ben333 1333 Day(s) ago.
Project Black & Blue - Ben's new HTPC
ben333 1393 Day(s) ago.
Bring back IRC?
ben333 2188 Day(s) ago.
6 core goodness
ben333 2342 Day(s) ago.
Site News and Blogs
Site is over 16 years old...
Nicepants42 149 Day(s) ago.
Array Failure restore
Joe 430 Day(s) ago.
DNS issue fixed
Joe 627 Day(s) ago.
Site moved again
ben333 663 Day(s) ago.
The Pro/Market
GTX 280 for US $308.11 !!!!!!
sam amaar 56 Day(s) ago.
FS: Laptop hardware (CPUs, Memory, HDDs, Wifi, etc...
ben333 2195 Day(s) ago.
FS external watercooling units from jpiperformance...
Halo_Master 2233 Day(s) ago.
FS Snap Server 4200
abuthemagician 2358 Day(s) ago.
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Crystalfontz CFA-631 3.5" LCD Review 5
Mar 10 2006 : Joe looks at another Crystalfontz device, this time its one that fits into a 3.5
Crystalfontz CFA-635 LCD Review 5
Dec 17 2005 : Joe Reviews the latest offering from Crystalfontz that takes the qualities of the 633 and just improves on them!
Matrix Orbital MX4 Review
Apr 16 2004 : pH shows all the thermal management goodness to be had in the MX4 from Matrix Orbital
Matrix Orbital MX212 Vs Crystal Fonts 633 Shootout
Oct 3 2003 : pH puts these 2 similar temp control devices to the test and sees who comes out on top
Aardils PWM Fan Controller Review
May 6 2003 : Brian looks at the nifty fan controller designed and built buy ProCoolings own Aardils
CrystalFontz 633 Review
Feb 20 2003 : pH shows all the bells and whistles that the Crystal Fontz 633 has. This baddie does fan control and full thermal management.
ExTech Digital Thermometer
May 27 2001 : Joe reviews an ExTech Digital thermocouple thermometer w/ PC interface.
DigiDoc 5 Review
Dec 9 2000 : A ProCooling exclusive review - this was the first DigiDoc 5 brought into the US, and the first review done of the device.
RayTek Mini IR Temp Gun
Apr 20 2000 : Joe reviews the RayTek IR Temp gun that lets you take temps remotely instantly.
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Chieftec big tower wc'ing in progress
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