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AOpen AOpen AX6BC Pro Gold Motherboard Review
Date Posted: Apr 1 2000
Author: Joe
Posting Type: Review
Category: Motherboard Reviews
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AOpen AX6BC Pro Gold Motherboard Review By: Joe

Review AOpen AX6BC Pro Gold

By: Joe Kelly
Date: 4/1/00
Product Supplied by:
AOpen  (THANKS!)

This past week I was given the pleasure of working with a darn nice slot 1 BX Mobo.  Now there is no fancy UDMA 66,  or onboard audio, this is just a plane ole BX board. This is an Oldie board in the industry. But as you will see, nothing to laugh at. One of the most interesting feature of the board is its engineering. AOpen have been working hard to get their product known for stability, and Overclocking by designing these boards with the highest quality in mind. 


When I first opened the box my eye was drawn to a few aspects of the board that made it really stand out in my mind. The first was the glitzy gold plated heatsink. Sure is snazzy, almost made me want to break out the gold chains and get a lil Satruday night fever go'n..... but that's another story.  The other 2 things were the positioning of the ATX power connector and the floppy drive header.  This is the first good design I have seen in quite some time for the ATX connector.  Its moved up and out of the way of the main board. This allows bigger Heatsinks to be used on the CPU's because it seems as if most companies put the ATX connector behind or in front of the CPU. The Floppy connector is in the most unusual of places, its Behind the ATX socket.  The Jury is still out on this one, I am starting to not like it at all. To get the floppy wire back to the drive you either have to run it over the CPU or on top of your AGP card, and increase the heat buildup on either of those devices.  Other then that the board looks like a very normal BX board.

A Look at Stability

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Random Forum Pic
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