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DigiDoc DigiDoc 5 Review
Date Posted: Dec 9 2000
Author: Joe
Posting Type: Review
Category: Thermal Management Reviews
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DigiDoc 5 Review By: Joe

Review -- DigiDoc 5

By: Joe
Product Supplied by:

The MacPower DigiDoc 5

The DigiDoc that people were waiting for is finally Here!  the DigiDoc 5 was originally slated for release way back in mid October, its still actually not quite out yet. This was one of the first DigiDoc 5's to leave the Taiwan Factory where they are being made.  This is a "Gold" Sample that is effectively the final product. There are some things on it you can tell its a pre-release, like some rough edges here and there, other then that its the same as the ones they will be shipping late December/Early January. I just received this one today and man am I glad I wrestled it away from FedEx, this thing rocks!

"Looks like the DigiDoc 2 and 3.. what gives?"

Don't trust a book by its cover. Yes the face looks exactly like its predecessors, but what's behind is FAR different.

They kept the 40mm Fan from the previous DigiDoc 's, but the PCB is FAR different then it was in the DigiDoc 3. The First differences is that the Fans now hook up to standard Molex 3 wire connections on the PCB, which ROCKS cause you can connect fans directly do it if you want.

Second Difference you see is that its a full drive rail kit now also.  Unlike the last DigiDoc, this one has full rails to mount a HD behind it ( the reason for the 40mm fan)

The PCB is also 2 full layers now of goodies. Its also more solid then the pervious versions. ( as you can see the screws were missing from the PCB in the top, showing that this is truly a prerelease sample.  I put in 2 screws later).   The Power also comes in a standard Molex 4 wire power connector! ( again , no special adapter required anymore!) It a VERY clean and nice layout Gotta give props to their engineers!

They sent the same Sensor package as you would get in a DigiDoc 3.  I was a bit bummed by the sensors they sent. They sent only 2 of the "Flat" type film thermosistors, and the other are the bulb type ceramic dipped.   The difference is dependent on where you want to put em.

The Flat kind are GREAT for next to a core under the HSF. The Bulb ones work great for taking ambient readings, or being taped to or in a HSF hole.   They cant be mashed flat ( and still work) so they are somewhat limited in their use. they sent 6 of the bulb kind and only 2 of the flat kind.  Normally it would bug me, but these will work FINE for the use I am using them for in DH3.

The Wire Bundle to connect the fans are simply Molex 3 wire extension wires.   Since this is a prerelease unit there was no labels on the Molex male sockets. That's easy enough to do with a Sharpe Marker (Am I the only one who loves those markers? :)  The wires are roughly 18" long so it will easily run power to most areas in a big case.  My only gripe bout em is that they aren't in ribbon form, they are 3 separate wires which can cause some nice tangle headache or make it look a lil sloppy.

More Digi Doc Info and We Fire it up!

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